Possible Sounds of Early Cinema

Union Celebrations

1929, silent film, documentary, runtime: 42 minutes
music: Somnoroase Păsărele (Gili Mocanu)

An anniversary news-documentary footage, authored by the experienced filmmaker Tudor Posmantir.

The film features the official celebrations, popular and sports manifestations which took place with the participation of the Royal Family in May of 1929, at Bucharest, Mărăști and Alba Iulia, marking the celebration of ten years since the Great Union of 1918.

Tudor Posmantir (1893-1982), cinematographer, filmmaker. Pioneer of the Romanian cinema, with an impressive track record sprawling across several decades, from the first artisanal beginnings of filmmaking in Romania to the stage when the local film industry is born and its mechanisms start functioning; one of the first Romanian technicians trained in studios from abroad, the first to assert cinema, through his prestige and positive relationship with the Royal House and with subsequent governments of the interwar period, as an efficient instrument of propaganda; private producer, but also a public servant, with lengthy stages in  public administration, cinematic reporter, lab technician and manager, one of the personalities who dedicated their lives to the film. (Bujor T. Rîpeanu, “The Cinematographers 2345”, Meronia Publishing House, 2013).