Sonic Fictions

A Night to Remember (1939)

Photo credits: The National Film Archive

partly soundless film*, comedy, digitized for the first time, runtime: 54 minutes
music: Irinel Anghel

Director: Ion Şahighian
Screenplay: Tudor Muşatescu
Cinematography: Louis Behrend
Music (original): Paul Constantinescu
Actors: George Timică, Dina Cocea, Ion Popescu-Gopo
Producer: Ciro-Film

*film made after the appearance of sound in the Romanian cinematography, only that most of the original soundtrack has been lost over time

A Night to Remember is one of those films that play it safe; not too fierce in its comedy, not too fiery in its romance, and even less dramatic following the turning points of the protagonist, Dumitru Dumitrescu, alias Mitică (George Timică, the very one from Major Mura). Yet, all the film’s restraints, practised as if to befit its protagonist, do not determine its failure; on the contrary, they rather assemble the premise from which Ion Șahighian, the director of the better-known Duty and Sacrifice (1925), alongside veteran Timică and screenwriter Tudor Mușatescu, begin, wagering on sympathy – just how much of it can this Mitică Dumitrescu siphon off the viewers? Against the backdrop of generic interiors, wherein one gets a glimpse of young extra Ion Popescu-Gopo, the narrative serves its jolly elder well; after a lifetime of work, he’s one step away from fulfilling his ambition, “not an ambition, so much as a desire”: owning a house just outside Bucharest. What else? A conscientious life devoid of decadence, which may not be judged for its longing after a misfit named Lulu, a night artist by profession. And, when all seems to go awry, well, you can’t miss the nobility with which Dumitrescu stays supple in the face of hardship. (Călin Boto)

Irinel Anghel (b. 1969) is an interdisciplinary artist, vocal performer, composer, sound artist, performance artist. She graduated from the University of Music in Bucharest, Musicology (1994) and Composition (1996), and has a PhD in music sciences since 2003 and a graduate of the postdoctoral program (MIDAS) at UNMB (2013). Her composition portfolio involve instrumental works, symphonic works and theater music. Her works have also enjoyed international success, being performed in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, USA, Japan, etc. Lately, her activity is dedicated to interdisciplinary, hybrid, fusion and performance art. Irinel Anghel has been awarded several prizes, such as the “Uchimura” Prize awarded by the International Theater Institute (UNESCO) for the music of the theater show “Bloody Lovers” (2002), Creative Prize – the work “Chimeres” (Pepinieres Europeennes for Young Artists, Mons, Belgium), Bursa Camajani (New York University, 2003), The 2003 International New Music Consortium Award (New York) etc.

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