Sound Art


Snapshots: 1. Manasse (drama, d. Jean Mihail, 1925); 2. Haplea (animation, d. Marin Iorda, 1927); 3. Speed Race (1924); 4. The Harvesting and Processing of Amber (d. Eftimie Vasilescu, 1939); 5.The Maiden Fair on Mount Găina (d. Ionel Veștea, 1934); 6. Bragadiru Beer Factory (d. Constantin Petrovici, 1938); 7. Golf Game Technique (1940).

Sound compositions authored by Dragoș Mărgineanu for the screening of Romanian silent movies – a selection of films, short documentaries and newsreels – within the public event “Retrospections. Cinema Between the Wars” (Cinema Union, Bucharest, 2018). Partner: National Film Archive.

Dragoș Mărgineanu (b.1988) is a sound artist, sound & light designer, with studies in Sound Arts & Design at the University of the Arts London and Film Sound Art at UNATC “I.L. Caragiale”. His major interest is the exploration of relationships between the level of sound and the visual one, employing diverse techniques and instruments, from classical composition to electronic improvisation, photography and DIY.
He holds extensive collaboration in the field of theatrical sound and light design: “The Seagull”, directed by Andrei Șerban, unteatru, 2018; “Eine Kleine NachtMusik”, directed by Gigi Căciuleanu, unteatru, 2017; “Hughie”, directed by Alexa Visarion, unteatru, 2016; “Singularity”, directed by Mariana Cămărășan, The Bucharest Art Theatre, 2017, etc. The music composed for the silent drama “Manasse” was selected for the first edition of the Re-GENERATOR. Performative arts micro-festival, organized by FiX Theater (Iași, February 2019). In September 2019, the artist participated with the live performance “Think Twice: Listen!” to the second edition of the same festival. He composed the music for the silent adventure and historical film “The Outlaws” (1929, directed by Horia Igiroșanu) within the frame of the “Possible Sounds of Early Cinema” project, 2020.